Rental Equipment

Welder Rentals has combined with Red-D-Arc welderentals  to offer Australia access to over 60,000 pieces of welding related machinery.  Our Core equipment is the industries preferred choice, specializing in Industry leading welding equipment. This often means setting industry standards such as introducing stainless paneling and HD engine options. Whether it be a 1 day hire or a 3 yr logistical rental, options and packages are available to meet the most discerning project needs. Equipment includes tig welders, pulse migs, submerged arc tractors, Welding manipulators, Turning rolls, positioners,  gullco kats and travel carriages, induction heating, welding banks, Lincoln Airvantage and Miller Airpaks, ovens, feeders, Pipeworx, FieldPro RMD and STT welders, generators, switch boards, AGW - tank welders,  gouging equipment and plasma cutters.